There are numerous women who feel that they do not need a man in their life because they have faced difficult and emotional times in which they have been hurt badly. The dreadful experience may lead to avoiding relationships all together. You may be fixated on your sexist view, but it is time that you break free from your past experiences and embrace the good-looking men around you. Men are a great creation and a famous saying is that you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.

Trying to get through life alone without a life partner can really be depressing at times and this is why you need someone to be there by your side. Just the moral support and the love offered by your man can make a huge difference in your life. The top 20 reasons why you need a man in your life have been provided below. The reasons are interesting and you are bound to agree with most of them because they may be relevant to your lifestyle.


1. Loneliness vs. Company

If you are feeling lonely and you see your friends going out on dates and having fun, then you probably feel left out. When you have a man in your life, you won’t feel left out, especially, if you find someone who treats you like a princess. Sitting at home on a Saturday night is something that can really put you down when you see others having the time of their life. You need a man to tackle your feelings of loneliness. Your man will give you company and will devote his time and attentions towards you to make you feel good.


2. Satisfying Sexual Desires

Living secluded can really make you go crazy at some point in time. There comes a point in every woman’s life in which she wants to be loved. Making love to an attractive male is a natural tendency and this desire needs to be satisfied in order to give meaning to your life. Being sexually active is natural and you need a male for that, so having a male in your life will make you feel as a complete female.


3. Financial Support

There is this concept of the male being the breadwinner whereas the female is considered to be the homemaker. If you do not mind staying at home and taking care of the kids, then you definitely require a man who is financially stable to support the family. Having a rich husband can be satisfying mentally for you because you do not have to worry about a thing. This may sound selfish, but numerous women search for men who are well-off financially in order to live an amazing life.


4. Romance Back to Life

If your romance level has fallen to the ground, then you need a man in your life to bring the excitement back. Do you remember the last time that you went on a date? What about the last time you flirted with cute male? Bring romance back to life can be very difficult, but when you have someone who loves you and makes you feel wanted. Change up your situation and get back to your flirtatious side by finding a male who can make you feel as if you are at the top of the world.


5. Someone Who Stands By You

We all know that girls have a selfish and jealously factor inside of them. If one of your girlfriends gets mad at you or becomes jealous of you, then chances are that she will leave your side. However, males have this commitment factor and follow a justice ethic principle in which he will try to get to the bottom of the situation without letting any emotions get in the way. Those women who are facing difficult situations need an understanding male to help get through troubles in life.


6. Household Fixtures

Many men know how to make fixtures around the home and can be very helpful if something in your home breaks or is not working properly. You can get the task done for free when you have a cute handyman by your side. Not only will you enjoy your time with your man, but you will get the fixtures done for free!


7. Expensive Gifts

Having a boyfriend or a husband can be beneficial because boyfriends or husbands are cautious about why they buy for their women. If your man is well-off, then chances are that you will be able to get your hands on some great gifts like a diamond ring, a new phone, and so much more. However, it is important to understand the relationship should not be based on only material items. The materials are just a bonus to your relationship with your partner.


8. Start A Life of Your Own

Every woman dreams of a great husband, children and her own home. When you have a partner by your side you are able to accomplish most of your goals in life. Not only will you be satisfied physically, but you will be at peace mentally knowing that you have a place that you can call your own and have children from the person who you are madly in love with.


9. Helpful Hand on Holidays like Christmas and New Year

Men are great at carving the turkey on Christmas or Thanksgiving. This means that you do not have to do the cooking all on your own when guests come over. Having a helping hand in the kitchen is always a plus. Furthermore, on New Year you need that special someone for that New Year kiss at 12 o’clock to make the year ahead special and magical.

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10. Walking the Dog, Picking up Animal Feces, and Mowing the Lawn

Some of these points or explanations may seem as if you have made the man your personal servant, but that is not the case. There are some things that men are just naturally good at like walking the dog, cleaning up the dog poop, and mowing the lawn are what most husbands and boyfriends do for their loved one in order to ensure that she does not have to do too much work. If your man truly loves you, then he will do all of these things without even being asked.

11. Company At Family Gatherings and Parties

It can be really annoying to see your sister hugging and kissing her man and you are sitting in a corner wondering why you didn’t bring someone along. If you feel that such occasions require a date, then it is time to get your game on and find a guy that is worth taking to parties and family gatherings. You never know, you may even fall in love with the guy based on how he communicates with your friends, family members, and most importantly you!

12. A Shoulder to Cry On

Some men can be really great listeners and if you need moral and emotional support find a man who has the capacity to listen to your problems. Your girlfriends probably spread rumors about what is going on in your life to others and may even make the matters worse, but men are sensitive towards women and know how to keep sensitive matters concealed. A man can make you laugh in stressful situations by telling you that everything will be okay.

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13. Fashion Opinions

Some men are careless about their fashion sense, but when it comes to their girlfriend or wife, they want her to be properly dressed and looking fine. You need a male in your life in order to give you fashion advice about what you should wear. Men have a keen eye about what women are wearing and by asking someone who you are attracted to about how you are looking will help you understand what kind of clothes he wants to see you in. You will be fashionable and will be able to make your guy happy all at the same time.

14. Reduce Depression

If you are facing depression, then it is advised that you seek the love of a man. Love does not always refer to being sexually active with someone, but it refers to sharing your life with a person who understands what you are going through. Men have a unique eye. They don’t always search for attractiveness in a female, but they focus on other qualities which women are not able to clearly discern. A man can reduce your depression by listening to you, making you feel loved, making love to you, and by holding on tightly to your hand in tough times to help you get through the difficult or unbearable situations.

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15. Sense of Security

When you have a male around, then chances are you feel secure and protected. Men have this quality of being strong and firm when it comes to danger or just scary situations. They put themselves before the female and take hold of the situation at hand. You need a man for sense of security. Just holding your man’s hand in the middle of the night because you are scared can make you feel a whole lot better.

16. Compliments and Flattery

Men are amazing at giving compliments and really know how to turn a bad day around into a wonderful one. If you feel down or if you have low self-esteem, then you need a man to boost your confidence. A man who loves you will pass flattery and flirtatious comments or compliments to you many times during the day to get you to smile. You need a man to feel happy about yourself and boost your confidence and help you get to where you need to be.

17. Sharing Meals with Someone Special

Eating dinner alone every night can be very depressing. Sharing food with someone or cooking a special meal for your loved one can really be something that you look forward to. When you have a boyfriend or a husband, you care about that person and aim to do small things in order to make him happy. Not only does a delicious meal make your loved one pleased with you, but you will also receive personal satisfaction from sharing a part of your life with someone who is near and dear to your heart.

18. Managing Finances

Men have a natural tendency to know when to stop when it comes to spending because men in most cases are the earning hand of the family. A man can assist a woman by helping her manage her spending problems and letting her know that clothes do not make a woman, but personality is what really matters.VX-bike-folding-exercise-bike-white

19. Exercise Partner

If you are gaining weight at a rapid rate, then your boyfriend, boy as a friend, or husband can work with you in reducing your weight and helping you get back to your normal state. Men are great supporters when it comes to getting back into shape is important to be seen positively by the society.

20. Self Satisfaction

Self satisfaction is something that is very important and many people achieve satisfaction by having a man in their life. Your mind is at peace because you know that someone will be there for you every stop of the way. Being happy physically, emotionally, and mentally are very important to live a satisfying life.

So, now you know the top 20 explanations for having a man in your life. A male friend, boyfriend, or partner can really boost your self-esteem, confidence, and your outlook on life. There are numerous positive aspects about men and you should communicate with men who you are comfortable with in order to keep a balance in your life. Don’t seclude yourself and start exploring the fish in the sea. You are bound to find someone whose mind-set matches yours and someone who is willing to devote his time to making you feel special.


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