Online dating is all about being able to meet new people with whom you can share ideas and interests with. That’s why it can be really annoying when you see profile with no pictures included.

If you want to get the right amount of attention you need from other dating site members, you should make sure that you have the right profile picture posted on your page.

Importance of Profile Pictures for Dating Sites

Humans are naturally very visual. Thus, it is really important to post good personal photographs to represent the real you in the virtual world. Having your image on your profile gives the other people the chance to get a glimpse of who you are. Some people may judge you for what you look like, but then again, you could also be judging other people the same way.

Having your profile picture is the best way to attract other people and to get them to be interested in getting in touch with you. Many dating site members only get in touch with other members with pictures. This is a rule that you should also be following. If a profile reads great, but there is no picture, you should move one and search more. A person who can take some time creating a great portfolio, but not the time to post even a single photograph is someone you should be wary of.

Having a picture of you on your profile can significantly increase the number of members who view your profile. First impressions last, thus it is essential that your profile photo represents you in the most positive way.

Do Post Photos of you Smiling

Who would want to get in touch with someone who posted a self image frowning, sulking, or gawking? Probably another person with the same images? Seriously, an image of you smiling is the best choice. For women, you must understand that most men notice the smiles first before anything else. If your photo is of you smiling, you are showing the world how beautiful life is, and you are inviting people to feel the same way. Smiles mean positive vibes.

For Women, Don’t Post Images of you Wearing Provocative Clothes

There are sites where you can see members wearing skimpy clothes; if you like these sites, then you just get on with it. But if you want to find real happiness with the right person, your best option is to join a regular dating site where anything sexual is not allowed.

Some women think that posting photographs of them in skimpy clothes is the faster way to get attention. It is true in some sense. But you could be getting the wrong kind of attention from the wrong kind of people.
If you post pictures of you wearing overly sexy clothes, you can expect the men to think that you are not really looking for a serious relationship, but just a sex partner.

Do Use a High Quality Photograph

Quality is everything, when it comes to profile pictures. With a clear image, other people can see what you look like. A headshot showing your face smiling and in natural light is the best choice. You can also include a full-shot image that shows off your body or what a good-dresser you are. Another good option is to include a photograph of you enjoying some activity like walking in the park, or surfing.
For women, using make up is good, but make sure you do it subtly. For men, if you like wearing hats, make sure your face is not hidden under it.

Do Post your Most Recent Picture

It can be really annoying to see a young face on the photograph and then to read the profile saying 50 years of age. Posting a picture from 20 years or so ago is similar to lying about your age. You wouldn’t want to fall in love with a handsome prince or a young pretty princess only to meet what look like their parents, would you?

Don’t Post a Group Picture

Your online profile is all about yourself. Your page is all about you trying to impress other people. So why put a picture of you with other people? One reason why this is important is because it can be a little confusing for other people to tell who you are among the many faces in the photograph.

Do Choose a Picture with a Nice Background

There are many people who post their self-taken pictures in front of the mirror. It is OK; just make sure you are not in front of the bathroom mirror. Seriously, who would want to see what your bathroom looks like?
You do not have to be inside a five star hotel or a photo studio. The background of your garden or your living room would say more a lot about who you are.

Having a great background though does not mean to say that you should be just a speck of dot on the picture. You are the most important part of your profile picture. So don’t be just that tiny little thing in the middles of a big background.

Don’t Post Heavily Edited Images

You would want to look handsome or beautiful, that is only natural. Using Photoshop for your picture though is like lying about who you are. Try to be as honest in your profile photos as you are in your profile information.
If you want a really good picture, make yourself really presentable. Put on a little make up and dress good. You can also have a professionally taken photograph, if you really want to go that extra mile.

To sum it up, profile pictures do say a lot about who you are. Most people check out pictures first before they read details about dating site members. You would also want to see faces, rather than empty squares, right? So, try to make an extra effort when it comes to posting your online profile picture.


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