What is love? Biologically, love is considered to be a neurological condition like thirst or hunger, but it is more much more permanent. People talk about love being unconditional or blind. When people say this, they do not literally mean that love is blind and cannot see, but it is just a way of saying that a person has no control over their feelings of love.

There are many people who frantically search for love without realizing the fact that love has absolutely nothing to do with what you would like to receive but it is about what you are considering to give, which should be everything. Love is a very powerful sensation which many people feel when they find the love of their life. Thus, the search for love is the reason why there is an abundant availability of quotes about looking for love.

Looking for Love Quotes:

“If you like someone, do not wait. Tell him/her because it just might happen that they have feelings for you too.”

If you find someone that you have started developing feelings for, then you should not wait for the “right” moment to blurt out the little secret. You should be confident and share your feelings with that person because it could happen that that person feels the same way about you too.

“It is not love that you should search for, but a person. Because it is easy to find love in someone but not be able to have that person. Looking for love will help you acquire love. But if you have the desire to be someone’s everything and you want someone to be all yours, then you should look for a good person.”

This quote tells us that looking for love and not a suitable person is completely pointless because love is very simple to find, but you want to have a person that will love you unconditionally. When you spend your time looking for love all you will find is love whereas your mission should be to search for a person that will love you for who you are.

“Love should not be about finding the “appropriate” individual, but it should be about developing a healthy relationship. It is not about how much you love each other in the beginning, but it is how much love will develop between you two by the end.”

When you look for love, you should not limit yourself to finding the “right” person that matches all your likes and dislikes. Being in love means to develop an unbreakable and strong relationship with one another that will last a lifetime rather than being about matching one’s likes and dislikes. Being in love is all about compromise and dealing with one another till the end. This will help your relationship maintain its health and allow you and your love to live happily ever after.

“Don’t drive too fast and keep hitting the brakes. Let love arrive at a steady pace.”

This quote generally means that trying to take things faster than they are meant for can prove to be the worst decision you make. Taking things fast can sometimes cause things to go wrong. Therefore, you should consider thinking things through before you carry them out.

“Who says that the pretty girl will always find a handsome man and an unattractive woman will never find her prince charming?”

When you are looking for love, you should not judge what you are worthy of by looks of yourself or the people that you meet along the way. Looks have nothing to do with love. It is all about feelings and what the heart feels when you are with the person that you have developed feelings for. You will receive what has been destined for you and plus love is blind so you have no idea what is in store for you. Love does not need a map. It has the potential to take you anywhere. Looking for love is not such a hard task. The only thing that you should keep in mind when looking for the love of your life is:

“Stay true to love and love will stay true to you!”


  1. aqua

    December 16, 2015 at 5:54 pm

    do not find love,because love will come unexpectedly

  2. aqua

    December 16, 2015 at 5:59 pm

    once i love,i will never changed…

  3. Strawberry lips

    May 30, 2016 at 11:25 am



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